BambooBebe Signature Gauze Burp Cloths

BambooBebe Signature Gauze Burp Cloths

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Style Pure (10 ea)
Bamboo Bebe is made with clean bamboo fiber from nature. We use Tenbro bamboo pulp which is all certified oeko-tex standard 100. All Manufacturing and sewing process is done in South korea with rigid quality Management.

We insist on the best fabrics and materials which is 100% safe for the babbies' delicate skin.

It provides an ultimate softness as well as the great breathability, absorbency and anti-bacterial property due to the unique micro gaps of the bamboo fiber.

Gauze Hankie vs. Embo Hankie
Gauze hankie is more breathable while embossed one is more absorbent and thicker with diamond patterns. You can use the 2 kinds of hankie differently as they could be easily distinguished by touch and size.

Gauze: delicate parts like baby face and gum.
Embossed: less delicate parts like baby buttock and body

70% rayon made from bamboo and 30% cotton.
Recommend for Newborns, Infants & Toddlers
33 x 33 (cm) Set of 10

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Safety is our top priority

Safe and durable

70% rayon made from bamboo and 30% cotton.

Oeko-tex standard 100 class1Certification for the finished product

Soft - Much softer than cotton
Pure - Minimalist Design
Clean - Minimizing fiber dust
Durable - Excellent durability